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Do you have a workstation? Do you know the importance of going full ergonomic? Do you know about ergonomic dividers and why you should own one of them? Well, today we’ll tell you 3 reasons why you should have Bridges II by answering all of these doubts. Let’s go!

3 reasons to have a Bridges II


First, you should know that Bridges II is a collection of lounge seating, privacy screens, tables, tablets, and power options. This divider line is meant to expand your office design to offer greater flexibility from open concept spaces to high privacy environments. This is one of the best ergonomic office furniture set in the market, so it’s the best example to portrait all about healthy furnishing.

Now, these are the 3 reasons why to have an ergonomic workstation like Bridges II:

  1. Ergonomy is health. The office workstation should let the people sit and carry out their duties while being comfortable. This Manhattan Home Design and Global Furniture group manufactured masterpieces were designed to assure workers good posture, adaptability, and design.  
  2. All-in-one set. There are three contact areas that affect the worker’s posture: the seat, the work surface (a desktop or keyboard, etc.) and the floor. Bridges II  dividers, black screens, pair with a good chair (like the Factor Chair), helps ensure the most comfortable posture possible, by adjusting two of these factors.
  3. It’s affordable, beautiful and functional. The most preferable option to achieve an incredible and secure office is getting an adjustable desk. However, the price of such a desk may make you doubt. This is not the case for the Bridges II, which price is incredible, the design is beautiful and that does what it says: providing a comfy and beautiful workspace. 

Find more about them on Global Furniture Group.

Not convinced? Take a look at it in the MOD Bridges II showroom

And, finally, contact Manhattan Office Design to make your order, now, at any time!

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