When it comes to office spaces, The Global Furniture Group Princeton is one of the best alternatives available to enhance your performance and productivity in your workplace. 

Due to its thoughtful design and configuration, The Princeton collection offers a whole portfolio where almost all the needs of your team in desk facilities and storage are considered.

But what are special features of this collection that make it your best choice?

Global Furniture Group Princeton WorkSurface laminated end panels

WorkSurface + Returns – Laminated End Panels. Designed to get the most of your space, the WorkSurface will attach to your wall keeping a clean view of your workstation, and still providing storage capacity. 

Global Furniture Desktop Storage
Available in Manhattan Office Design, the Princeton collection is smart and elegant.

Desktop Storage. Combining wisely a clean, neat exterior and practicality, this elegant piece offers this extra of storage space at the bottom of your desk to keep things under control. With its different versions and configurations, there are many ways you can get the most of your desk, the place where you spend so many hours daily. 

If you want to provide to your team the whole potential of the Princeton collection, don’t miss the opportunity and visit us in our Global Furniture Group Showroom, where you will see all the possibilities of Princeton to boost your productivity. 

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