As part of the Princeton collection, the family of pedestals provides multiple models to attend your needs of storage and helping you to keep your performance.  

Princeton by Global Furniture Group
The pedestal family is part of Princeton, the collection of Global Furniture Group, presented in Manhattan Office Design.

Multiple choices for multiple needs. To attend your storage requirements without losing of sight your wellbeing and requirements, the Princeton pedestals has three heights measures: 20,5”, 25,5” and 27”. 

Each pedestal has, in every size, different models to maximize your storage space in your workstation. 

Global Furniture Group Princeton
Pedestal Shelve/Box/File
Global Furniture Group Princeton
Pedestal Box/Box/File

With its distinctive features, you can count on one solution for your specific need, in the family of pedestals of the Princeton collection. Whether you need boxes (big drawers); files (design to save different documents); or shelves (empty spaces of easy access). You can combine these features in every way you need and Princeton will have a model for you. 

When you combine the model of pedestal you need when the rest of the facilities that Princeton has for you, the possibilities are multiple, and there is one that will surely satisfy your requirement completely. 

Global Furniture Group Princeton - credenzas

If you want to give your team the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of work, in Manhattan Office Design, you will find this collection for a very affordable price. Or you can visit us in our Global Furniture Group Showroom.

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