The Princeton collection by Global Furniture Group has multiple alternatives to attend your needs of workspace and storage, while you to keep your performance.  

Global Furniture Group Princeton
The whole family of the Global Furniture Group Pedestal collection is available in Manhattan Office Design

It’s not only about the desks. The Princeton collection has a wide range of solutions to enhance your productivity and improve the wellbeing in your workplace. Better desks, more efficient storage, and more ergonomic workstations are part of the benefits that Princeton can bring to your office.

What products have the Princeton collection for my workspace?. The desks are without a doubt one of the main offers of this collection, due to his clean-cut design and quality materials.

Global Furniture Group Princeton Freestanding Desk
The Freestand Desk, the classic presentation of Princeton

Worksurface panels of laminated and metal end. When you need to get the most of your space, the worksurface panels are the best choice. Capable of being attached on any surface, the panels have laminated or metal ends, with several storage facilities, like boxes, files, and shelves.  

Global Furniture Group Princeton WorkSurface laminated end panels
Global Furniture Group Princeton Worsurface Panel
Worksurface panels with laminated ends

Credenzas. Made to get the most of the space in your workstation, the credenzas of this collection has several features. The single credenza its the classical solution with two drawers. It’s expandable to double, with four drawers. They can be open too, with 4 shelves and no drawers. The Pull out model allows you to enlarge your surface due to its retractile mechanism.

Global Furniture Group Princeton Credenzas
Princeton credenza with file, a drawer, and shelves.

Pedestals. A classic furniture piece in every office, With its distinctive features, you can count on one solution for your specific need, in the family of pedestals of the Princeton collection. Whether you need boxes (big drawers); files (design to save different documents); or shelves (empty spaces of easy access). You can combine these features in every way you need and Princeton will have a model for you. 

Global Furniture Group Princeton
Global Furniture Group Princeton
Princeton pedestal with shelve, drawer, and file.

Desktop and overhead storage. Combining beauty and versatility, this solution, whether for overhead or desktop, is made to maximize the storage space of your workstation without losing design or wellbeing.

Global Furniture Desktop Storage
Princeton overhead storage

Storage cabinets. With heights of 55” and 66”, these cabinets have the maximal versatility when it comes to storage, offering open towers, door towers, drawer_shelve towers, and recycling drawer.

storage tower
Princeton storage tower with doors, recycling shelves

When you combine the model of pedestal, credenza or storage solution you need, with the rest of the facilities that Princeton has for you, the possibilities are multiple, and there is one that will surely satisfy your requirement completely. 
If you want to give your team the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of work, in Manhattan Office Design, you will find this collection for a very affordable price. Or you can visit us in our Global Furniture Group Showroom.

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